Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Let's all laugh at the Asian Football President

Mr Bin Hamman you should resign as Head of the AFC.

What a joke. Read how fair and open the Head of the AFC is!

Responding to a question posed by INSIDER at the Leaders in Football conference in London about what would motivate his decision for 2018 – the best interests of football, the AFC or his home nation – Bin Hammam said that his primary concern when voting for a European candidate was giving Qatar the best chance of winning the right to host the 2022 finals.

“I will naturally be looking to the interests of Qatar because Qatar is bidding,” he said.

“This must not be surprising to anybody. We, the four [Ex-co] members in the AFC have said that we’d like to see 2022 in Asia and we have actually been very frank in our opinion.

“Naturally I believe that all those people who have got a bid, they will prepare to see that the World Cup in their own countries. I will decide first what is best [for Qatar].”

However, there is no suggestion that Bin Hammam is under investigation or that he has encouraged vote-trading.

No he should be under investigation for being an idiot though!

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