Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Let's all laugh at the Hunter and them Knights.

The Great Hunter Valley with Newcastle at it's hub. Shipping coal to China by the tanker load. Have you seen those monsters all waiting out at sea at night off Nobby's Point, tanker after tanker, it's an awesome sight.

And then Sir Tinkler saves the town, the football team. And invites, nay pays for Lord Beckham of Beckingham Palace to enter Energy Stadium.

Did the Newcastle name ever travel beyond the Hunter, for sport. Not through the Knights, certainly not through the sporting legend of Andrew Johns.

Who would have heard of the Knights win outside the Hunter or of Johns remarkable skills outside of Northern and Eastern Australia.

But the Knights while owners of the lease to Energy Stadium have stuffed it. The pitched is ruined for football, courtesy of moto-cross being allowed to rip all over the pitch a week or so ago.

So while the Jets will move the games elsewhere, this week to Port Macquarie, thus snookering Tinkler's plans to allow the first 10,000fans in free in Newcastle, it's the Newcastle Knights who have made the city a laughing stock.

Beckham's man, the LA Galaxy Chairman, was in town today to check the facilities.

Pathetic from the Knights, the whole country is laughing at you, and of course the world beyond will be intrigued by our and the Hunter regions planning skills.

A bit of humble pie would be nice right now from the Rugby League club! Professionalism in the Hunter?

Only the AFL could beat this with a World Cup Final lock-out and you wouldn't put it past those eejits either.

Still the game spreads to another town, maybe just maybe the Knights plan has back-fired.

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Chuq said...

We can use this as an example as to why FIFA needs a 4 week pre-WC lockdown of stadia!