Friday, 15 October 2010

Mike Cockerill: Now it's time for Aussies first

Mike Cockerill and I often disagree it seems. More me with him than him with me, although Mike does know who I am!

Mike has wrote a piece today criticising the FFA's plans to chop imported players from 4+1 (1 is an Asian import) to 3+1.

Mike often jumps up and down to support/demand our local players in the National team, and local coaches/mates to take the National job, but for once he's gone un-Australian!

Mike says it's not the time to cut imports, given the value of our dollar, and indeed the strength of the overseas players clubs attract these days.

I'd argue it's exactly the time.

Our Young Socceroos are on the march and we want every single one of them playing in the A-League asap as often as possible.

They just qualified for the Asian Cup Final overnight and this squad represent our future big time.

So less imports, we're only talking one, takes pressure off the A-League clubs financially and of course gives more possibilities that the Young lads will play more often.

FFA Technical Director Han Berger wants it, and I want it.

It's time, there are still many poor imports around, one less at each club won't hurt will it?

And of course it's the young pool of Aussies and returning Aussies that has finally set the league on fire.

Think The Fury, The Roar, The Mariners, Adelaide, Victory and even the Heart, but never think Sydney - most of their Young Guns are playing for other clubs.

Still our younger players are better prepared in greater numbers than when the league started - they need game time and it's now!

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