Friday, 1 October 2010

Nearpost replies to Ray Gatt

Sometimes it's nice to disagree - especially when you are right!

From the article on

Ray – you have the forum through your paper and the right to talk aboout what you wish.

Your views on the NSL and Youth development mentioned above show what many of us see when we read you and a number of other football journos. A (my view) perceived lack of awareness of broader debates that are possible. It seems many football writers have their views, strong views and are unable to present a range of analysis when they are clearly possible.

And because there is only usually one or maybe two football writers at any print media in Austalia, it’s a limited view we get over and over depending on the journo.

For example:

The A-League is in general far superior to the NSL. That’s the view of everyone I talk to. But no surprise that some of the old football writers and commentators have “rose-coloured glasses.” Of course some teams were great in the past but they were generally up against some pretty shoddy, pretty poorly prepared opposition.

Bottom placed Sydney FC are still performing way better than over half or more NSL teams in any given year. They have a shape, they keep the ball as much as they can and aim to work openings; and generally are hard to beat – and they’re bottom.

NSL teams outside the top two or three in each season were pretty limited from what I saw. But I’m in Canberra so maybe I wish I could have rose-coloured glasses occasionally. Although we did pump Branko Culina’s Sydney United 8-1 once but I digress.

The worst A-League games are far faster than the lower NSL games, technique varies but clearly it’s easier to use technique in a slow game. Shades of John Markovski anyone. Great player wouldn’t get a look in today unless he lifted his fitness.

As Ray says its a debate no-one can win; but thought I’d put through what many think who I talk to:)

As for Youth development Ray and Fussball are both right! We had our golden era with the sons of our immigrant fathers giving us the Viduka, Grellas, Zelic and co in droves. But the latest Young Socceroos look to have a forward line. And it might be this generation that shows the developmetn of the game.

The last years of the NSL saw a decline in the level of our development and of course the immigrant supply dried up to some extent, and now this Young Socceroos are perhaps the standard we should expect from now on.

Therefore I’d conclude the A-League, Youth League and FFA has got us back on track and perhaps prepared us for a level of football where we no longer rely on the passion of immigrant fathers encouraging their talented sons to play football.

Finally, our Aussie print media is less than impressive when it comes to covering football. Limited, tedious match reports cover most of the writing, much the same for TV commentary it has to be said. One writer covering football in most newspapers and markets probably gives us less diversity than other countries and limits the talent pool and the creativity of existing or new writers.

And despite their best intentions their bias and slants (see Ray’s views above) continually come through in their writing.

Has the online media assisted? Yes but not from the traditional print turned web writers.

An increasing numbers of bloggers on commercial and non-commercial sites mean we have more coverage than ever before and we no longer have to rely on the very limited coverage for Aussie football in the Australian (apologies Ray) or the SMH. Thank god for that.


Andy said...

Branko Culina had nothing to do with the Cosmos' 8-1 win. It was Brett Emerton's UTS Olympic that we beat, not Sydney United.

Eamonn said...

I'm still in shock..recovering from the win, can't think straight...wasn't Branko the Coach???

I'll have to check the records or my memory:)