Monday, 4 October 2010

Sydney FC: Best bottom team in the World?

Sydney FC lost again to Adelaide United.

This time it was 2-1 and the winning goal came from, wouldn't you know it, former Sydney FC Youth Captain Iain the very last minute.

For the record that's three games decided with goals in the last minute this weekend! It doesn't get much more exciting than that in any league, in any sport- unless you're from the Harbour City.

But Sydney continue to improve and despite the Fox Sports inexperienced commentator Michael Zappone claiming time and time again that Sydney's season was on the line, it wasn't and isn't.

Someone should tell Zappa that you only have to make the top six and anyone can win from there. In fact if Sydney make it and they can based on the form of their last three games, well arguably they'd go into it an improved side with much more confidence, and that's all they are really missing.

Mark Bridge still miss fires, and maybe Nicky Carle, remember him, can unleah the Sydney forwards and who knows that second goal in any game could be all they need.

They've had keepers save with their faces, shots hit the posts, bizarre own goals in the last three home games, nine points would not have been unworthy given their performances, but they got just two.

Sydney FC have to be the best bottom placed team in the World, making the A-League one of the leagues worth watching, not just the top games, but all games.

Sydney fans need to hold their breadth as do their owners. Sydney FC may not be champions this year, but if they can get a couple of wins, and they can, come finals time not too many teams will want to play them.

Having said that next up it's Melbourne away, followed by Perth.

Just quietly, what did Liam Reddy save today?

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