Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The World saves Australian Football.

Despite the gloom around some A-League clubs and crowds at the start of this season it is, unlike other codes, the International element of the game that will ultimately save Aussie football and the Aussie A-League.

The International nature of the game will allow Aussie football, with some smarts, to rebuild and re-invent itself time and time again. And this week shows more evidence of a boost to the local game at a time when things probably needed a boost in the short and long-term.

1. Newcastle Jets v LA Galaxy Beckham and Donovan. Wow! In Newcastle.

2. Young Socceroos - That front six. Wow, wow, wow.

3. Adelaide United expected to get a new owner this week. (Could this mean West Sydney comes in?) Wow!

4. And the Asia Cup 2015 will be played in Australia. Wow!

5. Clive Palmer, Nathan Tinkler, Tony Sage. Rich men in Mining want football to connect their business to Asia and elsewhere. And it seems it does.

There's probably more....but too much is just well.....too much

And God help us if we win the World Cup Bid, my confidence is starting to grow.

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