Sunday, 12 December 2010

FFA: A review is not a Wow factor is it?

So we lose the World Cup Bid and the FFA face the press.

Of course there is going to be some questions about the bid. You go through that.
And the focus turned to the A-League...or it should have done.

It didn't did it, not really.

Ben Buckley said we're going to complete the A-League review, and get the Socceroos to 2014 World Cup and engage the community.

What he should have said after the World Cup Bid q/a session is here's my announcement.

1. Ronaldinho (or some big name star) will come and play for Sydney FC for 6 games (as mooted recently) in Xmas period.

2. We've sealed the deal to play England in May 2011 in Australia.

3. All kids who sign-up for football in 2011 will be receiving a ball, a free Socceroos cap or scarf or some other appropriate gizmo.

It's called getting on the front foot, runnning the show, and making sure you have planned financially and sensibly for the moment just in case you don't win the World Cup Bid. Of course his review and other stuff is important.

But what kid is going to talk about "hey mate have you heard they're going to complete the A-League review?"

That's why Ben Buckley should go. No plan, no style, no wow factor for the World Game.

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