Tuesday, 7 December 2010

FIFA: A reflection of our world?

208 countries make up FIFA.

So how come only 24 FIFA members get to vote? Democracy at work under Blatter!

Only 24 get to vote for the biggest Sporting contest, or 22 if Mohammed Bin Hammam has anything to do with it, not to mention the financial benefits that come to that country in terms of business contracts. How come the rest of FIFA don't get to vote.

And the sad thing to me is not that Australia didn't get the decision, but it's more that the World decides one of it's biggest decisions in such a manner.

Collusion, bribery, lock-outs etc etc what a world we have created.

The only way you can win a decision of this magnitude is to bribe, collude, and scheme your way to the top.

In 2010 this leaves a huge stale taste across the World.

And this could be the beginning of the end of FIFA.

2022 will stain the sporting world for a long long time. So it should.

Blatter will long be remembered for taking FIFA down an immoral path. And god help us if Mohammed Bin Hamman takes over in time.

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Anonymous said...

Found the whole thing quite interesting, especially the 2018 World Cup. While there is some credit in SBS's stated view that it represents a powershift of sorts from West to East, to the point where FIFA are now willing to overlook the once dreamed of U.S market.

Largely what I find interesting though is the complete lack of regard for the fan and even player experience, how many female fans are going to feel comfortable in an ultra conservative society in the Middle East, the World Cup is quite often renowned for all the colourful and vibrant dress and being a summer competition fans of both genders are often able to wear summer clothing freely. Then there is Russia which, while gaining more importance is a police state, which generally equates to a 'high profile, zero tolerance' approach to policing which is not good if FIFA want to avoid riots. To be fair though they did seem able to host the UCL final between Man Utd and Chelsea OK.

Then there's the temperatures which simply aren't conducive to good football, but I'll wait and see the 2011 Asian Cup.

One thing that this showed is the the FIFA execs look out only for their own personal interest and the World Cup is as much about politicking amongst them then it is for the good of the game, I do think FIFA have completely undermined their credibility amongst the global football fraternity and hopefully we never see another bidding process like it