Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Fox Sport FC saves the A-League - but were the FFA watching.

A wide ranging discussion on the state of the game, mainly the A-League, was entertaining if depressing viewing last night on PAY TV.

Although given FFA's lack of vision, planning and direction Ben Buckley may well have been scribbling notes prior to FFA's Thursday Board meeting.

While Andy Harper, Bozza, Simon Hill, Mark Rudan and Mike Cockerill all flew through the issues - and there were many - the problem is we are still no clearer about our future.

Why is it the FFA didn't have a plan B - the so-called A-League review all completed and ready to go on Tuesday - after the Bid.

Why didn't FFA have Western Sydney, the Fury etc locked in or out, by now.

Mike Cockerill raised one stunningly naive solution.

Frank Lowy should put his hand in his pocket to fund the League, Fund the Fury and Fund Western Sydney.

There has been plenty of money spent, already. Too much I'd argue, with salaries clearly depleting owner resources.

More of the same from Frank. That is not a sustainable business model Mike, so forget that tosh.

However agreed with Mike when he said we started the league early, with mid-week games, and Ben said that was our line in the sand, but we're changing again.

Reminds Mike of the NSL. Absolutely.

How many more changes to the preferred model do we need? How many can we take?

Probably lots, but proactive or under Ben do we always have to be reactive?

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