Sunday, 19 December 2010

Gold Coast Stadium is a disgrace: Give Clive his dosh back

Not a Rugby League game for months and a pitch full of bare patches, potholes and more...and they want to play football on that and expect people to pay to watch.

Embarrassed? I would be if I was a Queensland Government Stadium owner.

No wonder Clive let us all in for free.

And then it rained and surprise surprise there were pools of water everywhere.

Clive should be re-imbursed.

And just quietly bet it's perfect for NRL season - and they don't even need grass - go figure!


Hamish said...

I'm no expert on pitch maintenance, but I'm not sure if you're being entirely fair on whoever is responsible for it.

The important annotation, regardless, is that the weather has been VERY inclement now for weeks, with inches of rain, high winds and storms, and hail. The workers would not have even had a lot of opportunity in between to intervene, and I'm guessing keeping the pitch in fair shape would have been very hard.

Terrible shame about the game anyway. If I was a GC fan I would be mightily pissed off.

Eamonn said...

Thanks Hamish for the local angle.

Despite the oodles of rain, with a game a week at best, still hard to see why there is no grass in huge amounts of the ground.

Good cheer to yours and your Roar mates this end of year:)

And in Suncorp land not so far away - pitch looks beaut.

Has it not rained in Suncorp:)