Saturday, 11 December 2010

I tend to fail - Me or Ben Buckley

Great so Australia's biggest loser Mr Nearpost who's motto, "I tend to fail," comes through once more.

One time A-League4Canberra Bid Manager Eamonn Flanagan, not to be confused with Bid Leader Ivan Slavich, is stunningly depressed, amused, mental, (you decide) this morning.

In early discussions with Transact CEO Ivan impressed with his, "I tend not to fail," attitude.

Flanagan left the many meetings informing others of his own well-worn motto "I tend to fail." This was worrying him as he took on a football bid in a post-Cosmos city.

Admittedly in the competitive world of 2010 in any business that is not good self-talk. Psychiatrist anyone?

Anyway the motto prevailed.

With FFA pulling out of Western Sydney overnight, Flanagan who managed a Canberra Bid, a fiercely community supported bid it must be said, was dismayed, amused, bewildered, baffled by the FFA strategy to keep Canberra in the bid mix for a couple of years, give them a Socceroos game to test their crowd, (20,000 v Kuwait just quietly) but Ben kept them hanging on and on, all this time while Western Sydney had not a cent - and then after many volunteers had spent hours collecting names and signatures, 15,000 all requested by the FFA - and then after Ben Buckley announcing at the Canberra Bid Meeting it was the "best bid they'd ever seen," with over 2,000 Foundation Members at $200 and cashed up to $5 million at various times (could we have got more money in the last two year?) Buckley says no not Canberra get out - the 12th spot is for Western Sydney.

Well the penniless Western Sydney got the nod way back then, then they got delayed until 2011 - now the still penniless Western Sydney are out.

So Flanagan's motto is now handed over to Ben Buckley.

Ben "I tend to fail," Buckley.

Flanagan's new motto is: "I tend to predict correctly."

Ben Buckley to leave within the Year - on a nice payout thanks to Frank stuffing up his contract renewal offer.

Good luck Ben and thanks for a wonderful due process. FIFA beckons for Ben?

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