Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Let's keep the midweek games

Now the A-League Club Owners, and on Branko Culina's case a Manager want to scrap the midweek games.

But the fans don't. The TV viewing figures are comparable to weekend Fox games and indeed the midweek games regularly come in the Fox Sports top viewed shows of the week.

And we the fans, well in my straw poll anyway, we love them.

Football live, midweek, live on your TV.

Sure maybe let's just have one game a week, on Wednesday night - but let's keep them and build it rather than dumping them once more.

Wednesday night footy could grow and grow but of course if we dump it we'll never ever know.

Be brave FFA. Keep the faith.

We already have the ACL on Wednesday's so why not build the tradition?

That's how you make tradition isn't it, not by chucking it away every season when something doesn't quite work.

Even in the tested English market midweek league crowds are generally down on weekend games, so why would we be surprised if our crowds are a bit down. We shouldn't and we shouldn't dump Wednesday night football despite Branko Culina's latest whinge.

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