Thursday, 2 December 2010

Sydney young bloods!

Sydney won, just. If Paul Ifill had finished his chance, and he should have done, just before Mark Bridge scored his first goal of the season Sydney would never have won.

"Are Sydney back on track," asked Mark Rudan Fox Sports

"We'll see," said Sydney striker Bridge.

No-one is fooled.

But interestingly Terry Antonis made the second goal. Another young, very young Aussie.

And if Sydney had kept Iain Ramsay, and a few others who knows Sydney might have had some pace and flair in the final third all season.

Stephan Kellar wasn't missed, Hayden Foxe had a strong game with the younger faster Seb Ryall alongside. Maybe Sydney have a pairing at last. And they only conceded one.

Nicky Carle, Bruno Cazarine are still to return which will strengthem the squad options.

Byun should be ditched leaving Scott Jamieson at left-back and Brendan Gan, Rhyan Grant, Terry Antonis among others to provide some pace in the midfield - at least for part of a game - Sydney badly need pace and movement in the front six. Slow to pass the ball, slow movement from the players.

Is it a team lacking confidence, or just a team incapable.

Lavicka sets the tone. It wasn't fast last year, or exciting. This year its worse.

But a few good results have now been achieved. If Sydney are to have any momentum this season, now is the time.

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