Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Three Clubs to start Canberra revolution.

It takes money to change things in life and in football. Even with 20,000 players in the Canberra region many people feel we haven't quite cracked it, not in terms of Government support, powerful commmunity clubs, or resources.

But we Canberrans are a smart lot. And even if we don't get the $26 million AFL get from the Government we'll be right. Eventually.

Viking Futsal: They control futsal across Australia in many cities and I love their motto.

What is spent in football stays in football.

So with 20,000 people spending on football, on boots, shirts the list goes on. If we could keep the money in football for football, we'd start to improve ourselves.

And with that we build resources, lower fees and start to kick equal to the weight of community.

So in Canberra a number of clubs are starting to develop and will develop their online community e-shop.

Majura FC will have theirs running, full ordering and payment system from the next week or two. (Of course then everyone could pay and register online - Majura got every player registered online last season.)

So what if two clubs joined with Majura to create an e-shop, just two.

And the three clubs with over 5,000 boot buying players combined to share their own supplier, employ their own manager to run, sell and distribute the boots and laid out a template to return money to their clubs, money to the W-League, A-League or whatever the joint proposal was.

And of course if you get 1,000 boot buyers in year 1, and tell them where their money is going and why, why couldn't we get 2,000 the year after and beyond that we could sell balls, shirts, even Man United shirts if they are still popular.

And I've heard people go where they get the best deal. Special deal if you show your football registration?

And how many more clubs in Canberra would join us once it was up and running and a benefit to their members.

And if the clubs got more money back than Sportmans Warehouse or Athletes Foot give us in Sponsorship - then clubs would probably be happy.

I think the e-shop revolution could assist Canberra football.

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