Friday, 3 December 2010

Where the Bid went wrong...and what we learned.

Next time we bid as Fozzie says we must learn from our loss.

Bid as a city, not a country.

Cooper Pedy (shades of Qatar, or Wollongong. No football, no sport, shades of well yes, Qatar.

We clearly this time went too big, too wide with that whole continent thing.

Instead of the tourist video let's get the whole Sydney Gay Pride event happening on screen, and forget Elle, get Pauline.

Imagine Pauline at the Presentation - talking to the FIFA Executives.

And get the Gold Coast team in full flow, to give some real fan culture and experience.

Ben Buckles leads this A-League, now he leads our bid, Ben can lead FIFA 2030 World Cup. What a selling point. Bringing the revenue home for FIFA.

Unique present to the World.

Our motto: More games, less crowds.

And why promote the World Cup we never do that with the A-League. That's another special little Aussie secret.

Wait there's more.

We've got a million kids but we don't know who they are.

And unlike Qatar we won't build stadiums and give them to well third world countries, we'll build them and give them to AFL.

Oh and the World Cup is about football - Demetriou told us it was about Collingwood and that's why we had to have them in the presentation. Didn't work this time, next time we'll put The Swans, the Gold Coast Suns and Greater Western Sydney Giants in as well.

In fact come to think of it our problem was we ran the bid, and let the AFL interfere a bit.

We should have given AFL the whole Bid to run. We'd have probably won the thing!