Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Asia Cup: Aussie depth exposed just like Union and Cricket teams

Richard Garcia is out, injured and in comes the non-playing Tommy Oar.

We all have high hopes for Tommy but if he's not playing for his club side FC Utrecht and in view of all Holger has said about Tommy... he can't cross, or play the right ball yet according to his Dutch Coaches....should Tommy really be picked?

It shows the depth of Aussie football and the long dark road ahead.

We cannot win the Asian Cup. We couldn't when Lucas, Timmy and Harry were four years younger, we've got little chance this year...or so you'd think.

But of course we're on a journey and bringing in Tommy Oar, Robbie Kruse, Matt Spiranovic, these guys are they our future?

Will they be the ones to lead us to Brazil in 2014?

I'm not convinced.

Robbie Kruse, Kerim Bulit, Matthew Leckie, Dario Vidosic, Adam Sarota..the point is there is no standout young kid...not yet.

and there's the real problem. It's not if Oar should or should not be in, but is he and Kruse really going to be the chosen ones, long-term?

Not sure they are, are you?

And that is the real problem isn't it?

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