Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Asia Cup Semi tonight - future looking more settled?

Tonight's the night. Asian Cup Semi and the Uzbek manager reckons we're not as good as we used to be!

We know that but the guys who have come through in this tournament with a future in the Green and Gold at some level include:

Matt McKay
Mile Jedinak
Neil Kilkenny
Sasa Ognenovski

So we've found four players, we may find more, not World beaters but competent with others around them to get us to a World Cup - we need to be top four in Asia - this we are, but with Harry and Timmy getting older and many many games going our way when they could easily of gone the other...our future is still perhaps brighter than some of us thought - maybe!

We can compete in Asia - can we get a World Cup spot with this squad - that's for another day. It'll be very close!

We've still got many many young players to come through, Rhys Williams, Dario Vidosic are just two who have shown their quality in the Aussie shirt, there will be others pushing hard as we aim to bridge that gap between 2010 and 2014 in terms of player experience and quality.

Tonight it will come down to Mark Schwarzer - it always does, doesn't it?

If the big man plays his normal game - saves us from certain defeat time and time again the rest of the team has enough quality to win the game 1-0!

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