Monday, 10 January 2011

Australia awaits - Adelaide stunning - lovin the game

Nothing better than watching Australia play in an International Tournament. And tonight it's Aussies v India.

Can't wait. No matter how good or otherwise India are meant to be, this is a game that has to be won, and to set us up nicely for the cracker against Korea.

One player up front, maybe on Friday, surely not tonight as Australia go for broke.

I'm not expecting too much but still will be great to see the team in action.

Meanwhile in Melbourne yesterday.

What a fantastic game of entertaining attacking football. Is it the stadium? Or are all teams playing better in the Aami stadium because the crowd is so big, so close?

Hindmarsh seems to bring out similar entertainment. Flores helps of course!

And Musky off - nice one!

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Gordo said...

I don't understand why teams don't get Muscat sent off every week. He is easy to rile up, and although some of the time he is cleverly niggling the opposition to his advantage, it doesn't seem to take much for him to lose the plot.