Saturday, 8 January 2011

Grassroots 2011: Twitter results service, Sporting Pulse, Online Payments Research

FFA talk Grassroots - I walk it.

My local club Majura FC are working towards an improved website, launched in a couple of weeks, which will aim to be an information portal, of course, but we also have a few ideas to experiment with; simple technical skill development for kids online, online payment system for parents and development of an online shop.

Got other ideas, I'm all ears. The more creative the better! Read on.

Twitter: Yes, we will update game cancellations but also wondering if we could have a twitter page sit on our website where players and parents could send in their scores and scorers after a game. Anyone from the club could then check club scores on a Saturday night.

Sporting Pulse: This website is available for all clubs. And a good idea for clubs who have limited time and resources. But they will take a fee for each online transaction. That doesn't sit too easily with me. Also not sure local clubs will benefit beyond the free hosting, easy site etc.

That'll work for some but the site looks ugly with all its advertising, but a good solution for some - maybe. Canberra Clubs need financial benefits long-term - at the moment Sporting Pulse aren't offering direct financial benefits to club through purchasing power. One for the future maybe.

Online Payments:
We've investigated the payment options and costs.

Unless you have a deal with a Bank, costs are quite significant, (eg Com Bank approx $300 set-up and $60 a month on going costs, plus 1.6% transaction fee, plus 30 cents each time. Don't ask me why!

So the best method for us is:

BSB and Account number allowing players to pay online,(we'll have form to sit alongside it so players can put FFA identifier and fee to assist us check, plus we'll have PayPal for the e-Shop.

PayPal - costs are 2.4% per transaction plus 30c unless you are ATO exempt then it's 1.1%.

An initially small online shop will sit behind the website, and players can use PayPal and/or Bank Transfer options.

Of course long-term if we could sell all our boots and gear - football might actually take off in Canberra. Keep watching!

All ideas at this stage, we're all volunteers and we'll see how we adapt and grow.

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