Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Matildas on track?

Rumour is the Matildas will have just two friendlies at this stage, in May prior to the World Cup.

Surely they'll have more?

And the new Matildas Assistant Coach - Spencer Prior, former Norwich City, recent Fox Sports and Australian arrival and recent completion of all his Coaching Badges.

Heard it here first didn't ya! Must be true then.


Danielle Warby said...

Here's hoping! That's NOT much of a prep. Who are they playing? NZ, I'm guessing!

Eamonn said...

it's a crap prep - not sure who we're playing.

No money at FFA I'm told - three teams to World Cup Finals plus Olympic qualifiers - a lot of bodies to fly - for no money!

Asia is expensive it seems!