Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Nearpost: A-League over Asia. Football at it's best.

We still love Asia:

Paddy, Aaron and Nick Compton (Welcome Nick) are on the pitch and up for the Asian Cup:

Due to time of show airing we've left the Aussie Bahrain aside - for now - and focused mostly on the A-League, it's all happening here.

How many football poddies only cover Aussie football?

We are clearly Australia's number one football poddie, apart from all the others, We discuss all the news from Australian football. What more could you wish for from the Australian media?

or play right from your computer....


Anonymous said...

Nice start but you guys have a long way to go before you are Australia's best football podcast, the boys at The Football Sack are still the highest ranking Aussie football show on iTunes and others like Four Four Two are way ahead of you too

Eamonn said...

ha - don't bite!

Not sure those two shows, as fine as they are, are truly Aussie podcasts.

From memory they cover EPL and more.

I stand by my claim.

Best Aussie football podcast:)