Thursday, 13 January 2011

Nearpost loves Craig Foster Part One

Craig Foster building football - on his own. Check the video from around the 13th minute to hear Fozzie on the Southern Cross Uni development in his home town of Lismore. Video link

Fozzie is an Australian visionary, not just a football visionary.

His football education and development centre based at Lismore will become a magnet for football fans, students of the game, coaches, football administrators.

A leader of its field in Australia, Pacific and Asia the University of Lismore has taken advantage of Fozzie's vision.

Wonderful. And the money is starting to flow.

The future football lovers currently playing the game in the junior ranks will benefit, like no other Aussie football players and lovers of any generation.

Fozzie is a legend. No ifs no buts!

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