Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Plan to save the game - let's meet Sydney!

How come all the organisers of football, the media, the FFA, the whole lot of em run everything out of Sydney...or so it seems.

So tonights plan to "Save the Game" or some other such football fanfest, while of course an interesting intiative - but we hold it in Sydney.

Reckon Adelaide would have been better - at least they'd get a few fans!

Lugt will take part in a panel discussion with Craig Foster (SBS), Mark Bosnich (Fox Sports), Sebastian Hassett (SMH), Andy Jackson (442) and Spencer Prior (former EPL player) before the panel then takes questions from the floor.


SJR1978 said...

Eamonn. I've been close to this. Idea was floated by fans, and if tomorrow successful it will go around the country. This is a good thing that doesn't need to be shot down. SJR1978

Eamonn said...


chill pill required - how come some of you guys get all defensive when anyone makes a less than serious analysis of something.

I've hardly shot it down! But if you can't see the irony in it - well that is your problem.

I'm completely supportive of the idea - guess you'll just have to join MC on the list of poor sods upset by a wee blog post.

Hope there is some humour on the night!