Sunday, 20 February 2011

News Ltd arrogance- Co-ordinated social media campaign required to take em on.

Hamish fan of Brisbane Roar wrote a comment to my earlier post re:anti football media conspiring to talk football down again and again and again.

It deserved it's own post so twitter and facebook fans would get to see it!

From Hamish:

More good thought Eamonn. I can feel your frustration.

Speaking of Muslims though, maybe we need to learn from the Arab nations' uprisings. We can outflank the coroporate interested media with social media.

From a Brisbane point of view, where Brisbane Roar are clearly THE news headline, it's become absurd. The 'football violence' shit in Melbourne has also been absurd.

We're actually in a position to expose News Limited sports news as the massive corporate PR exercise that it is, seeking allies in games like basketball, athletics and ALL women's sport.

I'm rambling, but in short I think we can use News Limited's arrogance as a weapon for round ball.

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