Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Robbie Kruse a Socceroo: So who is next?

Robbie did it at 22. Played in the A-League and made a significant contibution for the Socceroos in a big tournament, the Asian Cup.

So if Robbie can step up who will be the next guys to challenge, the next young guys currently plying their trade in the A-League but good enough to make an impression two or three years from now?

Here's five to consider....remember where Robbie was two years ago? In and out of Brisbane.

1. Luke Devere - okay he's just left but hey he could do it.
2. Matthew Leckie - a lot to learn but could make an impression a la Robbie sometime soon.
3. Iain Ramsay - left field? no left side and we need him. Could he develop further?
4. Mustafa Amini - has time on his side, heaps of it.
5. David Williams - like to see him at a decent club to start to really get success in a winning team.

6. AndIf Robbie can do it, can his mate Mitch Nicholls make the next step. A leap to far? Robbie did it!

oh and Dimi Petratos another bolter with time on his sides

Heaps more around but if Robbie is the marker we could have some decent squad members coming through our young boys.

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Roarchild said...

Nichols looks to have really turned himself arround.
Others that come to mind

Traore if he was elligible, fantastic going forward.

Franjic (older) but like Sasa a late developer.

Cernak, dugandzic ....just need time.

Jurman, will have the chance to play every game for the roar next year which will be a big boost.

And no list is complete without Kanta.

Oh and about 5 blokes from Heart.