Monday, 28 February 2011

Sport for Women in Canberra this Sunday. Matildas Stars will be there.

Sports Hydrant uses online social networking technologies together with traditional offline programs to help connect the grassroots of sport to the elite and to help connect those who care about sport with each other.

Sport for Women Day 6
Sports Hydrant believes that as many people as possible in our society should have
the chance to experience the benefits that participation in sport can bring. Sports Hydrant is
committed to widening participation in - and increasing access to - sport across society, through the
sharing of knowledge and experience.


Sport for Women Day to be held on Sunday 6 March 2011, 8am-1pm, is an initiative led by Sports
Hydrant to send positive messages to women about women, health and active lifestyle and generate
increased participation in – and media coverage of – women’s sport.

Sport for Women Day will be held in sports stadiums in Sydney and Canberra, with the event also
taking place across up to 355 female only gyms (Curves) around the country; with the aim of
attracting up to 30,000 women to participate in group sporting activities.

SFWD is a celebration of women’s sport in Australia and celebrates the success of our individuals,
teams, organizations and women in sport generally.


Sport for all – From beginner to champion we are all part of women’s sport.

To enhance media coverage of women’s sport we must first invest in it and show we care.

Elite sportswomen in Australia are highly successful on the world stage; We should promote
our role models and reward them further for their leadership of women’s sport.

To increase participation we need to realise:

March, 2011

Many women take part in individual recreational activities. but still seek social interaction as part of their sporting experience.

Competitive sport is not critical to many women and some feel they lack aptitude for
sports. Enjoyment comes from participation and all women should be encouraged to get

Women are particularly time poor. Sport’s organizations should make it easier for women to participate in sport.

Program for SFWD

8:00am – Arrive at Cathy Freeman Park, Canberra University or Curves Gym, then briefing
9:00-10:00 am - Guinness World Record Zumba Class – It doesn’t matter how uncoordinated you are. If you are with lots of people, no one cares what you look like. Must register on website to count!

10:30-11:30am - Tug of War: Elite sportswomen teams of 8 having a go just for a bit of fun. (For Sydney and Canberra Venues only)
10:00 -1:00pm – Festival: Sport and sports – It’s all about connecting more people to more sport, an opportunity for Sporting organizations to promote their sport.

Athletes will be available to sign
autographs and take photos with fans. (Sydney and Canberra Venues only)

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