Monday, 14 February 2011

You'll never walk alone - it actually works - Brisbane should grab it.

Of course I'm a Celtic fan and this is our song.

But anyone at the Socceroos v Uruguay game and indeed watching the Brisbane Roar game on the weekend will know that this song can work in Australia as well.

So many fans in Australia want their own song, their own anthem, after six seasons, few clubs it seems has one, one that any fan can join in.

If I was Brisbane Roar - I'd grab it now and call it their own.

50,000 Roar fans at a Grand Final? Well I reckon they'd all get into it before kick-off even if they'd never been to a game.

An anthem needs to be able to be sung on occasions by anyone in any part of the ground - YNWA - one club should grab it.

The Roar heard it sung by the Celtic fans a couple of years ago, they poignantly rolled it out on Saturday.

Lock it in Brisbane.