Monday, 14 March 2011

50,000, 2-0 with 4 to go - did you miss the best Aussie comeback ever!

Arguably one of the best finishes to a major sporting event in Australia ever.

But did you see it?

The game was pure gold, football played on the deck, with skill and precision. Young Aussies all over the field, two Aussie Coaches and 50,000 in the stand.

Tactically the Mariners had the edge; well at least they maintained shape for so long and took their chances once young Aussie paceman Bernie Ibini- Isei came on. Didn't he make a difference.

But the roar aren't unbeaten for 27 games for nothing - they don't stop. And you always thought if they could get one back early enough, given they had 95% of the play or so it seemed - they could get another.

Heartbreak and bedlam all rounfd the place.

How could the Mariners win the penalty shoot-out, Matt Ryan, 18, had just conceded two goals in four minutes in front of 50,000. He was gone. He didn't save a penalty.

Michael Theoklitos was pumping and that was before the penalties. Confidence oozing.

The crowd was amazing, the football delightful, the drama unparallelled, and Brenton Speed the icing on the cake.

Aussie football on fire. We want more, we'll get more.

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Hamish said...

Woke up this morning with the smile still dangling across my face thinking, "Did that really happen? If it didn't, wow cool dream."