Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ernie Merrick: Is Asia one step too far?

He's assembled arguably his best and largest squad for a tilt at the Asian Champions League but Ernie's tactical limitations appear, once more, to produce a team and performance way below the sum of it's parts.

And let's face it Gamba Osaka having not played a meaningful game this season and can hardly be at full tilt.

5-1 the result - but it was 3-0 after 9 minutes.

How can this happen to a professional team packed with experience campaigners, players fit from a short season with many of whom who have only had to endure half a season like Archie, Allsopp, Muscat, Kemp.

Michael Petkovic has saved nothing all season. Big big mistake signing this fella Ernie, but it's Ernie's lack of tactical nous to close games downs, play on the break.

Think Adelaide under Aurelio Vidmar - think defence and Travis Dodd, Bruce Djite and co on the break.

Melbourne Victory easily have the pace to match on the break, but their defensive set-up is a shambles.

In Asia it's always been the same.

Ernie Merrick, is Asia one step too far?

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Hamish said...

I know this sort of thing gets said each year, but wouldn't ya just love to see Brisbane Roar and CCM have a go at the ACL now?

Respect to Melbourne for their legacy to date, but they're clearly behind the pack now in their quality of play.

Australian teams carry a big disadvantage with the year delay.