Wednesday, 30 March 2011

FFA: AFC supports Canberra bid!

Australia ranked bottom in the categories of “Organisation”, “Governance/Soundness”, “Number Of Clubs In Top Division” and “Duration Of Entire Season”.

Well the lack of governance and soundness surrounding the 11th and 12th A-League licence process, add in the 9 and 10th spots too means the AFC had an easy decision to make.

FFA has got the grassroots, the A-League licence bid processes wrong wrong wrong, and nowhere more so than in Canberra, Townsville, Wollongong, Gold Coast, Western Sydney and Tasmania.

Worse they have had no plans for these regions, none at all. And this after how many years.

They talk grassroots - but the easiest way to connect is to put your big Bid Licence processes into the spotlight and make them fair and open.

FFA did neither and lost a lot of grassroots supporters along the way - not least the 2,0000 paid up foundation members in Canberra.

And what other business would want to lose a supporter base overnight.

Ben Buckley, Frank Lowy, John O'Sullivan - you stuffed football in the community big time. And the AFC agree!


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Anonymous said...

to be fair if it wasn't for lowy and the $ he invests football would still be in the "we haven't quailfied for a WC for 32+ years and we have no domestic pro league" stone age days ... the others I don't know