Friday, 25 March 2011

FFA Media Release: Restructure is news? Help!

Talking about the changes in the FFA structure - in particular the appointment of "one of us" Kyle Patterson to the Media Communicaton role to assist in the connect with the fabled grassroots, SBS's Les Murray says:

It is clear then that FFA has begun hearing the voices of discontent and is finally embarking on a quest to make use, as it should, of the vast assets football’s traditional markets, clubs and fans possess.

These assets include a genuine love for football, passion and respect for the game, and a cultural yen for bringing up children as footballers.

This is football’s immense and actual grassroots. Connecting with it has always made eminent sense. Ignoring it was always loony and made for very bad business.

How this reconnection will be executed is not spelt out in the FFA statement. Neither will many be impressed by the detail in a ‘restructure’ that leaves the major areas of strategic responsibility in the same old hands.

But if the intent is there, it’s a start.

Ah the old soccer brigade. Are they really that big - did they turn up at old soccer in massive numbers - didn't it die, the old league? (I used to have a stand to myself under old soccer.)

And of course the grassroots - the burgeoning grassroots. You have to wonder if some of the people in media and ffa la la land actually ever talk to the grassroots - whoever they are.

And I don't mean the people gushing over Wayne Rooney or the Barcelona style of play - how about the 250,000 who are taking their kids from soccer to dance and then on to Maccas on a Saturday morning. Grassroots they maybe - connecting to the A-League in your city....not this week?

The sleeping giant has potential - but try turning your local chippy into the McDonalds conglomerate and maybe you'll get the size of the challenge.

AFL, League, control the sporting dollars and minds, the advertising, the media coverage and much much more. Football does well to get as much noise as it can.

The re-structure this week was caused because the FFA lost millions of dollars this year. The AFL are spending a cool $200 million on a couple of teams in coming seasons.

What we have we hold, without some serious revenue increases we need some real smarts to take us forward, to connect with our grassroots and even old soccer whoever they are.

FFA has taken us forward under John O'Neill but either he could see the writing on the wall and jumped ship or Ben Buckley isn't and never was up to the job.

When the best news FFA deliver is a media release announcing restructures you know we're in the proverbial!

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