Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Asia to save football - money to roll in?

There is no way the Federal Government could have staved off Peter FitzSimons, Roy "NRL need more TV money" Masters, Rebecca Wilson and all the Melbourne cronies who love to boot the football code.

The Feds couldn't have ponied it more money after that World Cup debacle, the A-League crowds plummet and code woes in general - if we hadn't been handed, ney gifted the Asia Cup 2015

Now the sweet review will ensure more money for football - this will help this country party with our Asian friends and be beamed into all those Asia homes - er just like AFL and NRL..cough cough splutter.

The afore mentioned journos did their bit to hurt, kill and mock the World Cup bid but we ain't dead yet.

2014 World Cup Qualifiers and 2015 TV Asian Cup rights - that should set the banks rolling.

Bring on that review!

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