Thursday, 21 April 2011

Canberra boys back in the big time in NSW - finally!

Great news for Canberra's boys - they finally have somewhere to test their skills outside of the confines of the local (tiny) boundary.

And it's one of our newest clubs, Boomerangs FC leading the way.

With Canberra FC back in the NSW Cup - okay it's only a limited number of games but it's a start - and now the Boomerangs in the TOP NSW Futsal league finally, finally our boys post-15 might get some opportunities worthy of their developing talents.

And better still this can and will lead to our players lifting their game, with Representative and National Honours bound to come from these players.

Who knows we may see an ACT Futsal boy heading off to play professionally one day.

There's still a lot of work to do in Canberra Boys football - and a Canberra A-League Youth team is critical to our boys opportunities post-15.

Currently the best boys who don't get into ACTAS would be well-advised to follow the Futsal path.

But who knows with Boomerang visionary Eddie Senatore now on the Capital Football Board it may not be too long before we see some changes and impetus in boys outdoor opportunities boys post-15. There hangs a big questions mark over Capital Football's leadership in this area in previous years - and I'm not for a minute suggesting they should run the team - although they seem to be happy to do this for Canberra United. Long-term both Canberra United and any Youth team should be independent of Capital Football. Surely this makes sense!

Anyway times are a changing and with key changes in NSW under direction from the FFA it may not be too long before we have reason for all our Boy's development and HPP programs - currently apart from a bit of fun and money earning I'm not sure of the value the boys get.

Where can they go post 15?

Football Federation Australia has endorsed the F-League and recognize the benefits for Futsal players playing all year round.

The F-League will be played on an International sized court and game will consist of twenty-five minute halves.

This competition is expected to become the development pathway for Futsal players to progress to state and national team honors in NSW.

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