Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Capital Football too small: Should we join NSW?

Frustrations abound with Capital Football, Canberra football, to achieve competitive football post-15 for our boys.

A boy coming out of 4 or 5 training sessions a week can go and train twice a week at the best Canberra Premier League clubs. Waste of time isn't it if you really want to push on as a player.

Should Canberra football or even Capital Football join with Regional NSW? Or even simply fold into the new NSW Federation?

Let's hope the new Government review will have one paragraph on the future pathway for our boys. We haven't been able to provide any solutions as a community to date.

We have not been able to solve the problems of boys development under our current structures, maybe we need to restructure Canberra and NSW football to enable this to happen and truly grow the game in Canberra.


Anonymous said...

Yes - the case for that is compelling - it's either that or FFA tells FNSW politely to consider ACT as another one of its branches for all intents and purposes (eg. competitions etc) for the good of the overall game.

Gordo said...

That would be a big step backwards. Who would deal with the ACT Govt for funding and facilities, the NSW Federation? no chance. We would become a backwater (even more so!).

What we need for development is an A-League team, so the young players can go into the youth team. At the very least just a youth team would be a big step forward.

What we need for general development is for clubs to put the same amount of effort into game building as they do into trophy winning.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think the local clubs who are wholly (almost) run by volunteers have time to do the "game building" as you say? Most of them are fully stretched tryign to get fields, coaches and referees for every junior game - mate youa re really kidding yourself.
And if we're talkign about clubs that go around trophy hunting then look no further than WV (especially in the womens dept), CFC (well we know whst they do) and BU (only interested in premierships).
So get real mate and start looking for leadership from the leading body rather than expecting strecthed out volunteer run clubs to do what needs to be done.

Eamonn said...

Fair point - but leadership and game building coming from Cap Football is the way to go - so why haven't we got any football for boys/men of any merit in the year 2011.

So I've got real mate- and I agree with you.

So when are Capital Football going to lead? How long will we have to wait?

Is there any other solution?

Did Brumbies and Raiders have to wait for their local peak body to get focused or is there another way? Coz there is no vision in this Cap Football board to develop the boys/mens games.

And do we really want Cap Football running a boys/mens club - no way - so then it comes back to clubs, or a a club supported by Cap Football and other clubs to get the team into NSW or wherever.

Just got real:)

Anonymous said...

Agree with you about CF but still don't think that volunteer run clubs will be leading the boys/mens thing (have heard noises from a couple of clubs but nothing ever comes of it as you would expect).
Until the clubs employ people to do stuff like this or there are clubs being run by wealthy volunteers with lots of money and time on their hands then it's not going to happen...
I don't know the history but were the Brumbies or Raiders run by volunteers when they pushed for their national spots etc.?