Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Nicky Carle for the Socceroos: Handbags in the media.

Cop this, Jesse Fink, SBS Leading football writer, get's stuck into Mike Cockerill SMH@s leading football writer for Mike's piece on Frank Lowy.

What makes me laugh is that Jesse and Mike have both written to me, Jesse somewhat abusively, Mike somewhat aggressively telling me to desist in criticism of them both and what they write.

Well let's see how the two high profile Aussie football writers handle the fall out from this one. Jesse seems to be gunning for Mike over and over.

Wonder what his real motivation is?

Neither could handle anything from a wee blogger - the thin-skinned Aussie football writers may need their winter coats for this spat.

And while they are great writers of Australian football - doesn't mean they have a great insight to players, tactics and the like.

Lest we forget just two gems, one from each.

Nicky Carle for the Socceroos, Harry Kewell should be dropped.

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