Saturday, 30 July 2011

SBS catches up with the Aussie football fan - and comes full circle.

Having denigrated the A-League in its early years, SBS, the home of FTA Football has finally come full circle.

Many football fans were sick and tired of SBS in its coverage of the A-League in those eary season. They not only failed to promote and cover the game in a meaningful way but they stuck the boot in, again and again, to a new professional league with all it's teething problems.

Times have changed and in the last couple of seasons it's noticeable SBS has now caught up with the Aussie football fan.

Must have been an email from Sir Les!

And the proof of the change, if it were needed:

Sir Les Murray stated on his blog this week:

The A-League is now of a high technical quality and the vast majority of its players are Australians.

Great to see SBS on board again with the local game - although we've been seeing it for a while now.

For the rest of us - we've appreciated the A-League for what it was in the beginning, is now and can continue to aspire to.

SBS - looking ahead to TV contracts perhaps!

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