Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Young Socceroos - Will they go? Do they need to?

With the Young Socceroos squad announcement seemingly delayed one wonders if the European based players will follow Brent McGrath, Brondby based - and decide not to go.

Ned Zelic had just moved to Auxerre when he decided he had to turn down the Atlanta Olympic team to ensure his place in the French side.

So one wonders if Matthew Leckie, Brent McGrath, Tommy Oar, Kerem Bulet and others may feel the pressure of club v country.

For young men with contracts in Europe - I think they would be wiser to choose club over country on this one!

If your wage was been paid by the club, and it was the start of the season and your place wasn't secured what would you do?

Gotta feel for the kids - but the team could be ripped apart later today or whenever the team is announced.

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