Saturday, 20 August 2011

11 v 11 still rife for U7 in Australia! What is going on?

Seeing my club change some years ago to SSG and slowly seeing kids working with a ball you can see the impact the changes are and can have on Aussie football.

My club is no Barcelona - not in culture of skills, but we do play SSG's. I'd like to see 5 v 5 taken to at least U11s but that's clearly just me.

But when you read this link you'll see what is going on in Australia:

In the central coast and victoria.

Unbelievable - full field - christ it's so depressing for the game, for our kids and the future of football.

Haven't these Federations and Clubs heard of SSG's.

Shows how much work is to be done jsut to get started on player development across Australia - and it's 2011!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Agree with your sentiment but your club also dragged the chain on SSGs when the Mitchell Report was first put out to the clubs - in fact one of the renegades at the time that refused to go SSGs for Under 10s etc. and it actually caused a split in the U10 comps. Good to see the club is on the right track now and hopefully those that opposed at the time have seen the light.

Eamonn said...

Football wise we are unreconisable from the club I joined 6 years ago.

We had no pre-season or summer football, we had U10s playing in house, we had players playing on 11-a-side fields at young ages.

We had no concept of football or football development despite having a number of good football people around the club.

To say I was stunned at how football was perceived and presented to the coaches, parents and kids was an understatement.

And agreed - Majura were very very slow to change and take onboard any form of football progress over the last ten years.

Seemingly slow to learn and in my view the holders of the keys were simply not interested in football or player development. They understood neither. Worse they worked hard to block development for our players.

We now have some big changes for Majura - and it's been very painful but change is I guess even at a junior football club.

New Committee - slowly slowly progressing things, both administratively and football wise.

We've given every Pee Wee a ball for the first time, U7 are encouraged to train/play during the week as well as on Saturday - another first.

We've introduced Coerver Skills for Pre-Season 8 week program, a Coerver In-season program for skill development, U10,11 and 12 girls are training twice a week for the first time and we run a Summer Football program for 100 kids focusing on player development.

We've also got an overseas football tour for one player group - hopefully again leaving a legacy for other groups down the track.

We got a huge increase in coaches doing their Junior Licence this year and this can slowly bring further change.

That's the first step - we're a long way behind where this football club should be by now in a football sense in 2011.

We have just scratched the surface of player development - but with the new impetus, new blood sweeping thru the club, more people doing their coaching licences we hopefully in years to come will have more kids able to play football for life.

Anonymous said...

The key point there.... new blood. The oldschool set in their ways coaches and administrators need to wake up or move on.