Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Lavicka: "We will entertain" Well that'll be a first won't it!

Sydney FC's build up to the pre-season has been Lavicka-esque.

Dull and duller.

Apart from the Harry talk - even that is subdued compared to Melbourne - what is there to reignite the place.

The club needs excitement off the field, all year. And what have we got? Jamie Coyne!

Perth Glory play Celtic and are off to South Africa and sign a heap of names.
Melbourne Victory play Celtic and have a few players to interest in the mix - plus they are Melbourne, membership, fanbase etc.
Heart are on the move. David Williams could excite alone.

Adelaide United, Central Coast Boatshed and Newcastle Jets - all are setting a cracking pace with months to go.

Celtic even came to Sydney and played.....the Mariners - sort of like going to Glasgow and playing Motherwell, or Manchester and playing Wigan I guess

Vistalav Lavicka never excited in the year Sydney won the title - NEVER and last year they proved what sort of team and coach they had. Dull at best.

Tactical, methodical but had not a creative idea over the halfway line or strategy in his head.

Terry Antonis and Demi Petratos may excite a little upon their return. Could be fun. Jamie Coyne, excuse me, does not.

Only Harry can save Sydney FC.

With the present squad, expect nothing - no excitement, no hype and no fans.

What is it with Sydney FC and our Czech Coach?

Maybe they like a November start!

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