Saturday, 13 August 2011

What A-League youth team policy would mean for Canberra?

Canberra Club members may have an opportunity to assist Australian player development. If history in the local clubland is anything to go by, there is no guarantee they'll do it -at least not without a fight!

Along time ago I was good enough to take on Mark Viduka and Craig Moore in football. No not in the Old Firm derby or even for Ireland v Australia.

Canberra Olympic v AIS.

The lads were 17 playing for the AIS in the Canberra Premier League - I was a slightly built ageing forward playing with Canberra Olympic.

Of course Viduka - who was a physically imposing man even then and the wily Craig Moore learnt their trade playing against me. In fact without the three games in which we clashed I doubt Moore particularly would never have gone on to higher things. Viduka - as forwards we may have been on the same pitch but there was only one guy playing football, even if he was a mere babe. He ws magnificent.

So with the FFA aiming to put all A-League teams into their State Leagues to ensure player development starts to reach a reasonable level, I presume and have heard the idea that the AIS would play in the Canberra Premer League.

A good move for the AIS - perhaps although the intake is mmuch younger than in Viduka's day - would they be up to playing the men of Canberra this time around?

Lot's of permutations and things to be discussed but I'd imagine the local clubs would be concerned about this possibility - they always seem to be when Rep teams of any level enter any league in Canberra.

For me, as a player - I got to play against Mark Viduka and Craig Moore - there were probably others. We even beat them at least once. The AIS won the league - I didn't care - they deserved it. But some clubs won't feel the same way.

For the good of the game our elite young players simply need more football so the next time a local club member sits down to watch the Socceroos and bemoans the technical development, or lack thereof of our players we should ask ourselves - are we assisting player development?

And, of course a local lad, a young lad can compare himself to the best players running around in Australia, or close to it. And this will tell the kid exactly how far behind he is - or alternatively the AIS Coach may see a young guy on the other team so good he invites him in for a trial.

Most unlikely - but would be a nice measurement tool for all in the local youth game wouldn't it?

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Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more Eamonn, lets hope the local clubs support the idea!