Friday, 5 August 2011

Why we need Fozzie!

Each of these competitions has its own vested interest and with a limited talent pool, the same girls or boys are training and playing in the same elite competitions across all of these areas, with no co-ordination whatsoever.

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Raise an issue on a blog and you'll be criticised for simply having a thought - but someone needs to be raising these issues and in Craig Foster we have someone prepared to discuss, argue, and when necessary advocate for change.

Anyone following junior football in Australia knows we have "some issues" with player development - same kids for Rep Football, in Futsal, Outdoor for Federation and Schools.

School Representation Football has long been considered a waste of time for player development - of course not if you get selected - but those with a broader view of the game know school sport is crap.

And yet the competition for our players to train in the same squads goes on and on and on.

Good on yer Fozzie - give the players a break and raise the quality of the individual player development and focus. Would be nice rather than having players running off or in-demand for this team, this rep team, outdoor, futsal school, state and club.

No wonder players get injured or turned off!

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