Friday, 9 September 2011

Holger over Pim? No he just has pace - more weapons.

Football fans label Coaches crap or brilliant.

Jose Mourinho used to be brilliant, now he's second he's well...less so.
Alex Ferguson is always brilliant - he always wins, whereas Neil Lennon is crap - he comes second - add in Vitaslev Lavicka - season 1 brilliant, season 2 crap.

Ange Postecoglou is now brilliant and despite losing heaps of players in Season 1 and beginning of Season 2 if he's not top of the league after three games he'll be...crap.

So Holger is brilliant and Pim was crap.

In defence of Pim -

He had no pace - I mean his team and he inherited an ageing squad with only Carl Valeri and Brett Holman (how the fans hated him) coming through.

He got us to the World Cup without Mark Viduka replacing him with Josh Kennedy while Tim Cahill, Harry Kewell, Marco Bresciano and Brett Emerton got us the goals.

And all of those guys were and are ageing - but only after the last World Cup could we focus on Youth. Why? Because we didn't have one, not one player other than Brett Holman starting to play consistently at a level worthy of matching above stars at their best.

So Holger had to change.

And he now has pace.

Take the last two games - both victories.

Brett Holman has continued his rise - he has pace. Michael Zullo broke at key points in the game against Saudi Arabia with pace from full-back and of course Matty McKay has been buzzing for a year or so now.

Robbie Kruse comes on with pace - similarly Alex Brosque.

Teams, good teams and great international teams have pace. A dying element in Pim's regime and few if any of the above mentioned players were ready to play for the Socceroos.

A little older a little wiser they now have what it takes. Or so it seems at this early stage.

When the Young guns plying their trade in Europe in increasing numbers at "higher" clubs than the previous generation start to come through we'll see the final change - maybe just in time for 2014.

Matthew Leckie, Tommy Oar, Adam Sarota all playing in good leagues - all have pace. Surely all will play regularly for Australia.

Holger will be delighted and can now mould a team around the older players in a way Pim never good - they were all old.

Pim never could - it wasn't his fault - perhaps a hangover from the crash of the old NSL. The rebirth has come, and the A-League via Europe is now producing more Socceroos - more athletes, with more skill, more pace.

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