Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Vitaslev on his last warning - fans want excitement.

Takes a special coach to turn people away from watching Sydney FC.

John Kosmina tried, Terry Butcher was very successful and now Championship winner Vitaslev Lavicka has topped the lot.

Crowds last year were way down - and no football follower I know was surprised.

How could a Championship winning side so dramatically reduce their crowds.

Ask the Coach.

Hailed by Fozzie for his first season effort. Great play out from the back - beautiful passing at times around the midfield only to bore the pants off us in attack.

Sure John Aloisi, Mark Bridge and co tried. And won the Championship it should be noted - but they never excited did they?

And last year they were worse, much worse.

The passing game can be beautiful, a la Barca, and it should always be played a la Spain. But give me Barca over Spain any day. In Messi, Barca are exciting in the final third. Spain although Cup Winners can bore you to death with their beautifully crafted 1-0 win. Their possession always deserves so much more.

And so it is with boring boring Sydney FC.

Pass, pass, lose, pass, pass tackle.

Vitaslev has had two seasons to mould a team. Now in his third it better be better. And with signs of real growth.

In Terry Antonis and Demi Petratos he may have two, just two, junior from the whole of Sydney; after 7 years of trying these guys could be strong performers. Exciting.

In Brett Emerton and Nicky Carle there is class.

But too many of the rest are squad men, not star men.

Still little pace around the attack and a defence, a new defence needs to be proven. After two or more seasons you'd think the Coach would have solved the defence, the need for speed and of course don't mention the keeper.

For a team from Australia's biggest city leaving the job in the hands of Vistaslev is a big big risk.

Sydney don't just need a winning team - a la Melbourne down the years - no Sydney need an exciting team a la Adelaide

Imagine the SFS with an Adelaide inspired Flores, or Melbourne inspired Archie leading a Sydney team. How much easier to fill the stands if you attack a la Adelaide each home game, or have pace down the years in the form of Archie or Fred from Season 3.

It's not always about the star or pace but it helps.

Vitaslev better entertain in the final third this season - and I'd don't think he has the pace to - or else he's the first coach gone.

Yes, even before Fergie!

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