Saturday, 17 September 2011

Waiting for Harry? Interesting times in football

Waiting for Harry - not even a game on!

Harry also got 10 minutes or so on the Melbourne AFL TV footy show during the week in the middle of the AFL Finals series - despite the (usual) odd comment from the commentator who said he didn't really like or watch soccer - tv audience, clearly mad AFL fans were really pleased to see Harry.

Because most fans of sport can enjoy other codes, skilful players and characters. No brainer.

Sam Stoser, Cadel Evans, Sally Pearson, Quade Cooper, Buddy Franklin, Darren Lockyer, Harry Kewell, Lisa De Vanna, Tim Cahill - we appreciate skill in all codes, all sports.

Now if the gooses from Aussie media who still denigrate football over and over could just get over their wee bias. Imagine if when they spoke about the game they produced 4/5 interesting and/or possibly occasionally positive football article for every completely negative stereotyped ladened trash/rant they give us - football as a professional league would clearly over time have significantly less problems I suspect - and certainly more money.

After all if you can make the AFL into "the best in the world" and/or the NRL I can't see why you can't positively promote the A-League, particularly as the standard is so professional these days - much the way Fox Sports do. Critical, of course, when they have to be - just without all the fear of the game.

Murdoch hold 70% of Aussie Media - yet I reckon the journos who rant do not reflect the views of the community.

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