Wednesday, 7 September 2011

We can't drop Timmy Cahill - can we?

We'll need a squad to see us through to Brazil, a big squad. So no problems for all you Tim Cahill fans, he'll be there to the end.

But is Tim a certain starter in the Australian football team?

Not in my book - not anymore. Now before I get smashed by all you Timmaay fans let's take a look at my reasoning.

Josh Kennedy and Tim Cahill are not the greatest pairing in International football are they? The Thai game showed this - the two stars going for the same ball and while Cahill is great in the air it's his work outside that box that lacks the Aussie style.

Top notch skill and great passing. That's where we're heading. In Brett Holman we have something Timmy doesn't give us. Ditto Matt MacKay. And who could leave Carl Valeri or powerhouse Brett Emerton on the side as a like for like swap for Timmy?

Not me, not Holger.

Big Josh is leading the score charts in Japan and he's just got 3 in 2 for Australia and played a massive part in the other two.

And when Harry Kewell is back - who would you rather supporting the Big Josh?

Cahill is fine for Everton and a certain starter for the Socceroos when Big Josh isn't around, but even Timmy would admit he's not an out and out striker - but with Big Josh around we don't need two players who like to attack the headers, do we?

We need players who give and go with accuracy. Dart and move between the lines. Timmy can do this, but I'd argue the pace of Holman gives him the edge. The engine of McKay and Emerton secures the flanks.

Timmy will never take a holding role so where does that leave the star man?

His position in doubt?

Certainly for away games.

At home, against weaker opposition would you drop Kennedy to play Timmy? Or would you like to see them both play together again?

You might, but Holger won't.

We're more nimble, more skilled under Holger. That's when we are at our best.

Robbie Kruse is pushing for a place - he's another, fast, darting with heaps of skill. Harry over Timmy for me, especially with fast players all around.

Cahill will continue to play for Australia - many many times, but when Josh is around I just wonder if the new style of Holger will see the self-appointed Roo spokesboy left aside more often.

And he's 31 now. Not quite so fluent in the final third - other than arriving late around the goal. A great sub?

Sssssh, don't mention it to anyone just yet.

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