Sunday, 23 October 2011

40,000 again in the A-League: Mehmet looking like a risky appointment.

The thing is the Victory don't look like a team that has any shape, or structure.

Players are being swapped and swapped again during the game and Aussie fans watching Ante Covic and co boot the bejaysus out of the ball, especially after watching Ange P's Brisbane Roar the night before - well it's painful to watch.

Compare player for player - Victory to Roar and Victory would win in most fans eyes.
But in times of woe - the Roar have a plan, the players play to it.

In Melbourne what the hell has Mehmet and Muscat being doing. The longest pre-season in history has produced nothing really.

Harry plays on the left, Rojas on the right. Carlos in number 10 and dumb and dumber in behind I guess. Is there no other midfield contenders? Archie and or Solarzarno at 9.

Victory need a midfielder, a technical player and quick. They also need a hell of a lot of coaching. Right now the players must be losing a heap of confidence in the unproven and rooky coach Mehmet Durakovic.

Persevering with Grant Brebner and Leigh Broxham in the midfield is desperate stuff. Long-balls, not very accurate, crunching tackles and a short game that relies on too many touches.

They were useless for Victory in recent Asia campaigns they are a dire combination right now.

Mehmet isn't giving us much football strategy talk off the field - and his players are reflecting this on it.

He needs time - but what a risky appointment.

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