Friday, 14 October 2011

Canberra FC miss out on NSW Football - Only the applicants are shocked.

No surprise given their "issues."

But wonder what their response will be.

1.Learn, dynamically rebrand/engage and go again - (requires a massive change of strategy)

2. Head in the sand; and increase Croatian colours and imagery around the ground and celebrate the annual winning of the ACT Premier League thru simply paying more dough.

Sad thing is I reckon I know the answer.

So if this is the case the only option for future entry to NSW league for a Canberra team will be:

1. Belconnen United - most likely.
2. A Woden Valley team - probably way too far away although a merger with CFC at the NSW level, might assist all.
3. or my favourite: Canberra United (could be a merger of Belco, Canberra FC and Woden in some form) would require some nifty footwork to get the brand away from Capital Football but thinking ahead would be great for the game.

But we're not so good at that in Canberra are we, at least not yet - or we wouldn't be without a pathway for boys in 2011 would we - despite having had a number of National football league and NSW teams in the past decades.

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Andy said...

Would the Croatian element even be an issue when deciding who is to make up the NSWPL? Last time I looked, pretty much every single team in the league had an ethnic base. Olympic (Greek), Marconi (Italian), Bonnyrigg (Serbian), Sydney United (Croatian), Rockdale City (Macedonian), APIA (Italian), Parramatta (Maltese), Bankstown (dunno, but something woggy).

On results alone, Canberra FC, should be the side that represents Canberra at that level, however they're never going to have any sort of support apart from the local Croatian community. I'd like to see the Blue Devils back in, or even better, Canberra City, who at least could draw support from the whole community.