Saturday, 15 October 2011

Dario Vidosic - welcome home, Fabio to go home?

Dem Reds were missing Marcos Flores - how could he be replaced?

Well Dario Vidosic may not be Flores, but the returning Socceroo has comeback so much more influential than the young boy who left after season 1.

He has tricks, an aggressive eye to go forward and makes mayhem.

A welcome addition to the league.

Meanwhile Mehmet has a few problems down the other end.

While Sergio Van Djik was scoring the winner, our Archie,a similar prolific scorer has been shunted a long way from goal, to include first Allsopp and now Harry as the main man.

Two games - no goals. Not working Mehmet.

And in Fabio have you really improved on Matty Kemp, or even Evan Berger or any other Aussie? How long do we have to wait for the latest Brazilian to go home?

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