Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Free help for our new Victory Coach - and Vitaslev for that matter too.

Archie Thompson has been one of the A-League most effective forwards and goalscorers in the A-League.

He's tricky, crafty, plays with a smile and when fit causes havoc.

So why not play Archie nearer to the goal, rather than out on the wing, and you might find that the Victory goal drought is over.

Harry is 33. And like it or not Harry is not your lone, pacy target man anymore.

So play Harry in behind a forward or two or play him on the left.

It's quite simple player selection. Archie's been trialled in the forward role for about 15 years - so give him a go. It works, it's proven.

And while we're at it.

Over at Sydney FC. I know you had Karol Kisel signed up, who seemingly can play only on the right. Well guess what Brett Emerton can also, only play on the right.

Now that smacks of poor spending, poor or desperate planning, but either way check Emmo's CV.

He's not a creative centre-mid, he's never played on the left in his right, he's not so technically gifted like Dwight Yorke that he can play anywhere.

He's a certain type of powerful, running, mayhem creating EPL player. Not dissimilar to Craig Johnston of yesteryear. Emmo ain't going to do anything more than:

Run up and down the line
Make it seem you have an extra defender and attacker.
Cross, well on occasion, poorly when his technique lets him down.
Score the odd goal.

All from the right.

So Vitaslev play this excellent athlete on the right and let's get the most from a limited, albeit a fantastic prototype, of this sort of international player. He's not Harry, Dwight or even Nicky - ask the fans we've watched him for years.

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