Thursday, 20 October 2011

Holman out Cahill in?

Looks like Brett Holman might miss the next World Cup Qualifiers due to injury - so a chance for Timmy Cahill to come back in?

International football - players come and go pretty quickly.

Just five years ago, Cahill was a bench warmer for Hiddinks team in 2006 - he came on with explosive impact and now just five years later his international career is less secure.

Of course he'll continue to play but I don't think he will ever be guaranteed to play from here on in.

Interesting to see how the superstar copes with this. Will he continue to travel for games when he's not certain of starting?

He missed the recent games after being dropped by Holger for the Saudi game - of course he was injured, or was he sending his own message to Holger?

Time will tell - but with the distances involved, his desire to maintain his performance in the EPL, I won't be surprised if Timmy has a few feathers ruffled or rustles a few in coming months.

Getting to the top takes time - staying their even harder - especially for a 31 year old explosive forward, attacking midfielder. Could he play anywhere else?

And no chance Brazil Tim!

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